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Best Buy XBox selection declining?

Beer Monkey

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The Best Buy in my area usually have a lot of the $20 titles and the titles with the big price drops. Also, the Xbox section is almost as large as the PS2 section. Now granted, they won't get in games like Carve for about a month after release, but when they do get them, they'll get about 10 of them.

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The selection has suffered some here. It's still larger than the Gamecube selection.


Funny how three other Best Buys in town show the Midway Classics disc as 'in stock' at their stores (checked bestbuy.com), but my store has never carried it as far as I know.


Carve doesn't even show up at bestbuy.com.

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If you buy a gamer giftcard, you get a $5 coupon for any game/accessory from $19.99 and up.


Walk in, buy five giftcards for $5 each, go back in, spend your $25 in giftcards immediately on your first game (along with one $5 off coupon). Now you've still got four $5 off coupons left.

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The saga continues...I stopped at Game Crazy tonite on the way home from work and asked about CMR4 and Carve.


I was told they are 'too obscure' for them to carry. The guy had never heard of the CMR series before.


So I stopped at EB and bought both games.


I guess Best Buy and Game Crazy don't really want my business.

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