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**The Plan 9 From Outer Space Giveaway!** -Rules

Romier S

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Welcome to the latest and the greatest LCVG.com giveaway folks. This is the second contest we have decided to bring to you, our members and I think we have some excellent prizes for you guys to win.


So heres the situation, you do something for us and we do something for you. Thats usually how these little pesky contests work so I'll get right to the rules and details.


What is the contest exactly? Well you know I mulled over this one for a good while and I wanted to do something a but more accessible to everyone here on the forum than the last giveaway. I refuse to do a "trivia" contest on principle alone but I am very big fan of discussion and the well written thoughts of my fellow gamers so I figured why not make you work your noodle instead of scavenger hunting your way to victory this time. So here it is:


1. To win this contest you are required to write a thesis on the topic I have chosen below. Each submission will be judged by the LCVG staff and the winner will be chosen at the discretion of the owners. (ie Scott, Kelley, Romier)


2. By sending us your thesis, you grant LCVG.com exclusive rights to use the article as it sees fit and therefore may not be reprinted anywhere else. If you do not win the contest then the rights return to you--the thesis is yours to do with as you wish.


3. You must be a registered member of the LCVG forums to participate.


4. Moderators and LCVG.com staff are not permitted to enter "The Plan 9 From Outer Space Giveaway!" (Sorry guys)


5. The thesis in question must be at least (but can be more than) 1250 words in length. Any thesis that is less than 1250 words will be immediately disqualified.


6. Grammar and Spelling is very important however it does not need to be perfect. Any corrections that need be made will be done so before *publishing. (*see prizes)


7. All rules are subject to change at the discretion of LCVG.com and the LCVG.com staff.


8. All submissions must be sent too: staff@lcvg.com

*Any submission that is not is immediately disqualified.


9. Contest Deadline: March 30th, 2004


So what is it that you intrepid writers need to expound your ever-reaching thoughts on? Here is the subject:


The Art of Realism: Are we perhaps too overzealous in our need to have the games we play mirror real life in both graphics and gameplay?


Here is the outline for your thesis:


Ch. 1 Introduction


-Fairly self-exclamatory. Simply introduce your thoughts.


Ch. 2 Goals


-State the goals of your thesis here. There may be more than one and I not only want to be able to discern in what direction you are taking me while I read your thesis but I also want to know where the destination is. There are many different ways to dissect the topic at hand and I want to exactly how and why you have chosen to do it in the manner you decided.


Ch. 3 Evaluation


-To make it more clear this is your thesis. Evalute your goals and bring me your commentary on the subject at hand. Detail is important and I will be looking for both concise thought as well as whether the thesis is in fact both interesting and well written.


Ch. 4 Conclusions


-Again this is fairly self-exclamatory. Conclude your thoughts and make sure that you have completed your goals from Ch. 2.


So there you have it guys and gals. Its almost like you're at college but you get to talk about videogames much like we do here on the forum. So I suppose the next question is what exactly do you win for putting forth the time and effort in writing a thesis for LCVG.com. Well here are the prizes:




-The winning thesis will be published as a feature article on LCVG.com on launch day. The writer will of course be given full credit with the ability to write a forward prior to the article appearing on the site at thier discretion.


-The winning writer can select one (and only one) of the following games on the platform of their choosing. The games selected reflect the "Aliens Attack" theme of the contest and are therefore selected from the shooter category of titles. Here are the selections:




-Winner will also recieve:


******GRAND PRIZE******


A sealed copy of the elusive and rare Ed Wood Special Edition DVD




Deadline is again set for April 30th, 2004 folks. Get those brains working and good luck.

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EDIT2: In order to make it a bit easier for those looking to enter I have reduced the required word count from 2500 words to 1250. I realize the original number may have been a bit monumental so hopefully this will make it a bit easier for anyone looking to enter.


Also I am reopening this thread for discussion. Please keep the discussion on topic folks. If you want bounce ideas off of each other etc.. feel free to do so.



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I apologize for the delay in this announcement but things have been hectic here lately. I want to announce and congratulate Leslie on winning the contest. She will have her article published and has won the copie of Ed Wood and her choice of one of the games listed above.


Congratulations Leslie!

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