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The Tomorrowland Arcade


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I was hesitant to post this but then I discovered this thread that says that emulator talk is A-OK.


Some of you may have noticed that I kinda dropped away for a while there - well it's because I was busy building this:



The Tomorrowland Arcade



The guts of it is a Athalon 2800+ box running XP. Display is a 27" Toshiba hooked via component to a Radeon 9800xt. Looks extremely close to a real arcade monitor.


It is setup with a Mamewah as a front end. It has a wide variety of emulators (still working on Amiga though) and Virtual Music Jukebox (a very nice jukebox program by the way).


It has swappable control panels using clip cabinet hinges.


A two player fighter panel, a old school panel and a Tron/trackball panel.

Some pics:


The spinner in the middle is a SlikStik Tornado which is almost frictionless - if you give it a good spin it will keep on going for 2-3 minutes.



The joystick on the right is mounted at 45 degrees for isometric games (Q-Bert, etc)



Excuse the fingerprints in the pics as most were taken right when it was brought in from the garage and hadn't been cleaned yet...


I've got a page up about it with many more details here.

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You, sir, have made one fucking cool machine there. I have a friend who did something similar a while back. I think I'm going to have to show him these pictures. He may be very jealous of what you've done.


Oh, and I moved this over to the Gallery section since it is after all, a pictures thread. :)

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Thanks for all the responses - I don't think I've ever worked on something as hard in my life :)




Cost - My official answer is "a lot." 8) but to narrow it down a bit it around the same as a nice bigscreen HDTV (actually I don't have a final number myself - I don't know if I would want to see one).


I decided that if I was going to build it I was going to do it up right and not cut any corners. The most expensive things were the TV and Computer - I was planning on using an older 1ghz machine I had lying around but couldn't ressurrect it so I had to buy the computer separately (its a barebones machine from mWave).


I don't want to dissuade anyone from building a cab on cost thought - people have built cabinets for next to nothing (by finding good deals, using existing cabinets etc etc). Actually I'm thinking of building a tabletop "barcade" type machine on the cheap next.




Tempest plays like a dream with the spinner. Very very nice and if you get tired of playing you can just give it a good spin and hit the fire button rapidly :)




Ant1 - Already ahead of you - there are pinball buttons on the side near the front of the cab - two buttons on each side - one for flipper one for bump. Do some googling on Visual Pinball - I think vpforums.com is a good start.


Thanks again

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Wow. Just wow. I am really jealous! That is some incredible work, Zathras! I would love to build one of these someday.


I don't know much about MAME, but can you play NeoGeo games on it? Or do you have separate software for that? I'd kill to be able to play Samurai Shodown 2 on my own cabinet like that.



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The side art of the all the arcade characters was purchased online (I saw it and new it was going to be my sideart). It was printed on self-adhesive vinyl. It was designed by Tagnetti on the Build Your Own Arcade Controls forums:



(the actual item is all vector based so it has clean lines)


The marquee was custom designed by another byoac member - Pixelhugger. I just requested the text in that font on a starfield but he took it and ran with it and I suggested things etc etc. - you can see many of the stages here.




I wish I was able to do vector art - I tried but failed miserably.

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DrunkOM - I think I've seen pics of your friends cab on byoac - it's very nice looking.


I considered a four player one for a bit but came to the realization I hardly ever have 3 other video game fans over simultaneously. I set mine up so if I REALLY wanted to play a 4 player game players 3 and 4 could use usb control pads.

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I wish I was able to do vector art - I tried but failed miserably.


It's damn tough. I designed a logo for my friends business in Photoshop, and used Corel Draw to re-create it in vector so it prints well in all sizes... took a long time and had to create it using curves. :bang:

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