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Saturday night go-nowhere gaming! ;)

Mark E

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Hey crew, I'm stuck in the old house for the evening with some indigestion.


I've got a hankering for a little old school Diablo II action. Curious if anybody feels like starting from the beginning with low-level characters and playing for a bit. I think my account on USEast is still active, but my characters are quite dead. Won't be for a bit.


I don't expect a huge upswell of interest, but never hurts to ask ;).

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Okie doke, will do. I may have somebody swinging by my place to borrow some class notes, so there'll be a flight delay if that happens anyway.


I'll post up when I'm going to start the game. It'll be closed so I'll give the name and pass for those interested. Should I use the expansion or no? I have no idea what people have, so let me know. :)

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Oh, well, let's go expansion then, I do love a whupping.


Of us, by others :P.


I'll be going on in an hour or so. I'll wait until we have a player or two before starting any wholesale destruction. I shall post the name/pass for those who wish to join in the mayhem!

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The title of my thread is now so prophetic it makes me ill.


I have installed D2 + expansion twice now and for some reason keep getting a major internal error that won't even let me BOOT the game.


Sooo, looks like game called on account of technology. :bang:


Sigh, I'll make sure all my shit is together before I try this again. Sorry 'bout that blackcalx.

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Second verse, same as the first!


Looks like my little bout with illness has kept me home on the range for the day trying to manage solid foods. I have some studying to try and get done today, in the afternoon, but can be on tonight if anybody has a few.


I finally ironed out the wrinkles with the system, looks like it just needed a reboot brought on by a power failure. :shock:


USEast server, and I'll be playing the friendly neighbourhood sorceress if we get a game going ;).

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