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Looking for entrepreneurs to give advice.


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OK I need your opinion.


I noticed today at my local radio shack that they had the Ver.1 Xbox live starter kits for $29.99. This kit includes the 12 months of XBox Live Card, XBox Communications Headset, online demo versions of Whacked and Moto GP.


I was thinking of picking up a few and trying to sell them on ebay or some thing?..?

The reason I think it might not be a bad idea is because most places are selling just the 12 month card for $50 and the kit with mech assault for $70. Plus the head set alone is going for about 30. I know that this was the first time I saw this kit still being offered in a long time at that price. But I might just be blind.

What do you think? Will anyone bite?

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Here is a link for the going rates.. http://www.xbox.com/en-us/live/about/offer-details.htm.


For my own renewal I chose to buy the (I think at the time) $39.99 starter kit that included full Tetris and an extra headset plus the 12 month card. Instead of being lazy and letting them bill me $50 and physically getting nothing other then the 12 months.


Also from what I can tell I dont think that the codes expire it not used right away.

But I would have to call to confirm and I don?t feel like calling just for that.

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