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Downhill Domination

Chris F

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Got a demo of this in the mail the other day, and played it for the first time this morning.


I'd have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It's like downhill racing mixed with SSX. It was very fast, very fluid and looked great. Of course, it only had one map (3 courses), but I enjoyed the hell out of it.


I don't understand the trick system yet, and I didn't have much time to go into it before work, but it seemed easy enough, and was good fun.


I know the reviews are average for it, but it seems like the kind of game I might purchase. Anyone else playing it, or have any opinions about it?

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I picked up the free demo disk and then bought the game the next day. I think it's awesome. I've only played a few of the courses (I think you have to play each course in three styles: freeride, technical and downhill) in arcade mode, but each style is fast and fun. The game has nice graphics (I imagine they're a little less aliased and brightly-colored if you're not running component cables, as is usual with PS2i games) and the sense of speed is comparable to a driving game. The courses have so many possible shortcuts that replayability is built-in, though it's tough to know which is a shortcut and which will throw you off the edge of a cliff. The combat is a nice flashback to "Road Rage", and you can upgrade your moves with power-ups, though the fast speed often makes it hard to actually hit someone. I think it's a great deviation from what is a pretty stagnant extreme sports genre. Anyone tried Extreme Wakeboarding?


There is a training mode on the demo disk which will teach you the trick system, although my button-mashing seems to be working well.

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Finally picked this up based on my love for the demo...


This game is AWESOME. It's like Wipeout, SSX and Tony Hawk all rolled into one. The sense of speed, and the sheer scale of the mountains is incredible. It took me almost 8 minutes to get down the Hawaiian mountain earlier this morning!


Truly a great game, and above all a FUN game to play.

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Progressing through it nicely. A couple of tracks have proven more difficult than others, but some upgrades & practice got me through them. On the 14th track of the "Super Career", doing races in Germany. The track design is wonderful, as is the variety of locations within a track. The three different racing styles feel nicely distinct with radically different courses/widths.


Loving it!

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