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Game Over...


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Allright, lets' all watch the first episode of this new series on UPN this Wednesday, March 10, at 8pm Eastern. UPN Website


Not a bad cast! Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld) is Rip Smashenburn, and his wife Raquel is voiced by Lucy Liu!


Let's hope against hope that they got it right, because the premise actually sounds kinda neat to me!


Set your Tivos and give it a watch! Even if the show's not funny, we can always make with the hilarity here when we rip it to shreds.




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I only caught part of the talk, but I heard on the Stern show this morning (Artie Lange is the voice of the dog) that last-minute revisions were made to the show to appease the latest censorship craze.


- 'bustin my balls' becomes 'bustin my chops'

- scene of the wife's butt in the shower removed


...one other change was mentioned, but I forget what.


Artie mentioned that the original order was for six shows, and that the network is pleased and six more scripts have been ordered.

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I was not interested in this at all... having seen screenshots of the show in magazines and what not and being appalled at the character designs and whatnot until....


Someone said Artie Lange was the voice of the dog.


I'm SO THERE!!!! I love Artie, he's freaking hilarious.


The FCC is evil. I used to work at a radio station and this was the general rule. FCC = evil.

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