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What system set-up do you have?

Angel P

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I've been thinking of upgrading my receiver when I started wondering what my fellow LCVGers use for their home theater/video game enjoyment. Some of you have posted pics of your HT but not everyone (like me) has a site to post their pics. I'm gonna have to take gigapower up on his offer. :green:


Until I can post pics of my HT, here's what I have to keep me entertained:


Toshiba 50h81 16x9 rear projection



Pioneer Elite VSX-26TX receiver



Parasound HCA-855a amp



Definitive Techonology Pro-Cinema 80 bookshelf speakers with powered sub



The upgrade I'm contemplating is the HK 7200



So, what do you guys/gals have and do you have any plans to upgrade anytime soon?

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Well, I have already posted pictures of my system here, and therefore don't need to repeat my equipment list in this thread. The two big upgrades I recently made are the new HD DVR from Time-Warner cable and the new entertainment center. Aside from that, there's not much else I want to upgrade at any time soon.


Truth be told, I'm quite happy with the gear I have at the moment. Everything is exactly what I need for movies, gaming, and music. Sure, my system probably could look and sound better, but I suspect that I would have to spend some serious cash to do so. That's cash I don't have or want to spend at the moment. After over two years of gathering all the pieces, I think the upgrade bug has finally been cured. At least that's what my wallet's telling me.

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Here is my list:

Mitsubishi 65809 65" TV

Denon AVR-4800 Receiver

Panasonic E80h dvd recorder

Harmon Kardon PA-2000 Amp(powers outdoor speakers)

JVC CD Player

Paradigm PS-1000 Subwoofer

B&W CDM-7NT Front Speakers

B&W CDM-CNT Center Channel

Polk f/x 500 surrounds


I am at a standstill as far as upgrading because I think you reach a point where you have to spend ALOT more money to hear a minimal amount of difference in sound quality. My only temptation is a SVS sub.


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Guest Bryan

I have a Denon AVR-1801 that works perfectly for my home theater. I gambled and bought it used, but that was two years ago! The only reason I would upgrade would be to get additional input/output features that newer models have.

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The core of my system is my projector (NEC LT260), I won't be upgrading the projector for a while yet. It's really just coming to life since I got an HD tuner. I'm continually impressed by the image quality and it outputs just about any format there is. The only reason I see to upgrade is when higher resolution devices (1280x720 or more) come down in price


I also have a good stereo (Rotel amp, Dynaudio floorstanding speakers) but due to the lack of space, I can't use the sound system with the projector. So I'm making due with a Logitech Z680 system for movies and games and I'm quite happy with it, as an all-in-one device it's not bad. Someday when I move I'll bring the Dynaudio's out for HT use, but for now they work their magic on music only.

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As many of you know, I live in a Manhattan apartment, so I can't really get anything huge or crazy permanent. However, I've done what I can. I'll post some pictures as soon as I can take some new ones. The only ones I have now are from a few years ago when I first put it together.

  • Yamah RX-V800 receiver. Works quite nicely, 6.1 Matrix and component switching but no PLII.
  • JBL Northridge Tower Mains
  • JBL N-Center, N-24 surrounds
  • Mission Subwoofer (very musical, very nice)
  • Yamaha DVP-S5650 DVD / MP3 player
  • Sony 27" Wega (Non-HD / progressive, my biggest weak spot)
  • Bell O'Getti Equipment Rack

I also have a kick-ass imported designer leather couch with a full couch-wide ottoman, which rocks for movie night. Overall, this little system fills the room quite nicely. I could do with a bigger monitor, but who couldn't, right? Also, the thought of getting a RPTV up into here is not a pleasant one. I'd love to get something lighter / portable like a LCD or Plasma, but the price point for the good ones is beyond my rational side.

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Here's my current gear list:


Projector: Proxima X350



Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR600



Speakers: Logitech Z-560


DVD Player: Bravo D1

Key Digital KD-XB Component->VGA Transcoder

Connected Systems:

Playstation 2









Nice upgrades would be:

DVI Switch

SVHS Deck (for S/VHS playback and TV tuning)


Center Speaker (and other speaker upgrades)


Instead I'm planning on just building a newer, bigger, badder-assed HT for now and keeping the above setup as my "bedroom HT" (which is what it is now).

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Originally posted by TheEvilEmpire@Mar 8 2004, 12:52 PM

but no PLII.

One of the reasons I want to upgrade my receiver.

Bell O'Getti Equipment Rack

I'd really like to see some pics of your gear, especially your Bell O-Getti. I think they're some of the best looking HT furniture around.

Yeah, but the $700-1000 I'd pay to get a new Yammy with PLII just isn't in the cards at this time. I don't see it as a priority upgrade. I'd rather upgrade my display first.


I'll get pics of the rack soon. It's just one of the original back metal racks that leans back a bit. It's been knocked off / emulated 1000 times since.

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Not to steal any of Stencil's thunder, but we have the same Bell'o rack, so I thought I'd share a pic of it.


It's not one of their fancier stands, but I really dig it. Nice and simple, but something a little snazzier than your everyday shelving unit.





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