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Got 3 New Games (3 Super-Short Reviews Inside)

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I got 3 previously played games from Blockbuster last night for $66. I got Magic: Battlegrounds, Secret Weapons Over Normandy and Conflict Desert Storm II.


Magic: Battlegrounds

Quick Info

* Online battles via Xbox? Live and the Internet

* Over 70 different spells from five spell books, providing near-limitless fighting combinations

* 17 legendary wizards, 16 epic arenas ? all based on the Magic: The Gathering?

* Online content ?spells, wizards and assorted extras ? updated regularly for player download

* Comprehensive single-player quests, allowing duelists to acquire spells and artifacts

SWON Official Website


First things first, even if your not into Magic The Gathering, give this game a rent. I personally never played Magic, but I found this game REALLY amazing. You are put into an arena type level, and you have mana (which is your magic) and mana crystals which help restore your mana. Everytime you cast a spell or create a creatures, your mana goes down and slowly restores. The objective is to kill your opponent with these creatures that you spawn. However, they are spells which enhance your creatures such as making them bigger and powerful and some others. Give this game a rent, you have nothing to lose.



Secret Weapons Over Normandy

Quick Info

* Pilot more than 20 authentic aircraft: Including the Messerschmitt 163 Komet rocket plane and the P-38 Lightning.

* Face more than 30 combat missions: Go air-to-air and air-to-ground across the globe in epic WWII battles.

* Play together: Multiplayer gaming features split-screen dogfighting action or cooperative team play.

* Fly the not-so-friendly skies: No flight training required - just nerves of steel, a steady hand, and a burning desire to rid the world of tyranny?one mission at a time.

* Xbox Live Content Download.

Magic The Gathering - Battlegrounds Official Website


As being into WWII and always wanting to be a pilot, I was gonna get this game at launch, but had no money. This game is good, but somethings are just a pain in the butt. The graphics are the greatest and the steering is a lil iffy, but if you can overlook those 2 main problems, this game is pretty fun with a lot of missions to play though, it even supports coop and you can even dogfight it out against eachother. However, if you a lot of quick movement and if you have vertigo, i dont suggest this game. Give this game a rent, you have nothing to lose.



Conflict Desert Storm II - Back To Baghdad (DOH!)

Quick Info

* Operate U.S. and British troops: Play as the U.S. Delta Force or the British SAS.

* Use the unique skills and authentic arsenals of four elite specialists: Team Leader, Demolitions, Sniper, and Heavy Weapons.

* Command all four soldiers simultaneously: Highly developed squad-based gameplay allows you to coordinate devastating strikes on enemy positions.

* Take on 10 grueling missions: Test your courage through a variety of challenges, from a stealthy POW prison escape to an all out tank battle!

* Confront the cunning combat A.I.: Enemy troops communicate and coordinate their attacks. Squad mates dynamically react to ambushes and other unexpected challenges.

* Raise your troops? skill levels in a number of military disciplines: Your personal style of play will shape your unit into the ultimate fighting force!

* Enjoy the amazing combat engine of the first title: Now with new weapon-specific targeting; amazing new lighting and environmental effects; an improved A.I.; new weapons, vehicles, and enemies; and much more!

Conflict Desert Storm II - Back To Baghdad Official Website

To be honest, both games recieved terrible ratings by OXM and XBN (a 5/10 in XBN) but almost everyone who played it loved it. The great thing about this game is that i can be upto 4 people coop as you battle hundreds of people, tanks and other enemies. The breifing is A LOT more indepth (for those people that actually use it, like I do ;).) So far, im on the third mission, and this has been nothing but JAMPACKED ACTION THAT WILL KEEP YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT! However, there is one flaw to the game, the aiming is iffy like the first one, however, with a little of getting used to, it appears to be no problem. I Highly Suggest you buy this game (even rent!)


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Me too. SWON was alot of fun, even if I was able to sit down and play through the whole campaign in an afternoon, and although wth this game there was little reason to play the campaign a second time around except maybe to try out a few different planes. There were a couple of missions I'd never want to play over again from the standpoint that they were frustratingly dumb. The instant action was nice, couple of quick menus and you had a dogfight going. SWON also had DL content right from the start (I would recommend getting those planes immediately, much better than anything you start off with).


Plus, if you finish the game, you unlock a Tie Fighter and an Xwing for use in instant action. It's Star Wars Over Normandy now.


Unfortunately this game released right around the same time as Crimson Skies, which, IMO, has a substantially better single player game and of course had the live component going for it. Unfortunate really, I can't imagine this sold well, and I certainly would have liked to see another one of these, or perhaps another Xwing/Tie Fighter game.

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