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Mario Golf Tournament

Guest Bryan

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Guest Bryan

Hi all,


We ran a small Mario Golf tourney last year and had fun, so I thought we could do it again. Here is the proposed format (almost the same as before):



Two rounds, low total score wins. Ties will be broken with the participants playing another full round.


Characters: Pick any character. Star characters are allowed.

Please post your character choice and star status (y/n).


Round One:

Blooper Bay Country Club

Championship Tee Box (Back Tees) No mulligans, no restarts once you tee off on a hole. (That's what she said)


Round Two:

Shifting Sands Golf Course

Championship Tee Box (Back Tees) No mulligans, no restarts once you tee off on your current hole. (That's also what she said)


Weather will be random for everyone, so just try your best.


Anyone interested? I'll give it a few days before setting the Tee Times.

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Well, I don't, so you're just taunting me Bryan ;)


This was a good time last year, though I posted a round so shoddy on the course that it totally destroyed the point of me playing :P.


I'm definitely in for another go-round though, I haven't fired this up in ages.


I'll be playing the Koopa Troopa, star-enabled I believe. Just because I like a challenge.

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