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My Dreamcast is back from the dead!


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Last time I used it, it wouldn't read discs and the startup screen would look funky and make odd noises. So yesterday I ripped her open, used compressed air to blow out the internals and fan, and cleaned the lens with lens tissue and lens cleaner... back to normal again! :D


Today I went DC game hunting and found a mint condition copy of Virtua On for $8 and a slightly scratched version on Silver for $10 at Gamestop. They have a 90 day return policy, so should Silver not work, I'm ok.


Next up is Sega fishing games and rod 8)

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hope you can find yourself a....erm...good rod...


LOL... Acutally, I just did. Brand new & sealed Rod and Marine Fishing for $14.99 on the Ebay auction I just won. There was 4 minutes left in the auction with no bidders :D


Actually, the place I won it from is selling a TON of them, new, on Ebay.

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I'm in the minority with you too, though I haven't played Bass 2. Marine Fishing is just so much /fun/.


On a related note, my wife & I played Samba for the first time this year (I think) last night. Damn that game's as good as I remember it. And "sway mode" on normal is a pretty good workout on the arms.

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I had a similiar experience a couple years ago. After it stopped running I had given up on my DC for awhile and figured I'd have to buy another one. As a last resort I opened it up, gave it a thorough cleaning and it's been working pretty good ever since.


I have had one problem; when after playing a game for an extended period, the DC starts a emitting a high pitched screech. I was able to remedy that by laying the unit upside down and it's works fine. Still, I'm thinking of getting another one for 19.99 used.

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