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XBConnect 4

Chris F

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XBConnect 4 released!

  • New interface with dockable windows and transparency.
  • Multi Xbox support for both sides of the connection
  • Multi Xbox compression
  • Skins for everyone!
  • Greatly improved chat interface with color
  • Plugin ability. (Try our included chess plugin)
  • Support Mac clients using AquaDuct 2
  • Improved game filters
  • Import/Export buddy lists
  • New ping interface, See who is in a game before joining.
  • Improved network code for less lag
  • Tons and Tons more..

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I tried this last night with 4 Xboxes (all local to Houston) connected with a total of 7 players. In our first attempt, the lag was so bad it was unplayable, so we assigned hosting duties to another xbox. We then proceeded to play CTF on Halo at BloodGulch with NO discernable lag whatsoever.


We played a round of that and then a round of CTF at Hang 'em High. Again there was no lag.


Next we tried Team Slayer at Hang 'em High and there was no lag, right until the point I got dropped. (it was a pitty too because I had just gotten a killing spree)


I don't know why I got dropped, but that has happened to me on the old version too. The other boxes simply got a message that I had left the game, but they kept right on playing with no lag.


I never tried to reconnect as it was getting pretty late.


All in all it was a great experience. I look forward to more Halo action via XboxConnect.



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Ok, I've had so much success with Halo on version 4 with the locals in Houston, that perhaps we are ready for some long-distance Halo fun.


Anyone want to try for some multi-box gaming this week or weekend, let me know and we'll give it a shot.


I'll get my boy Texaco (Philip) to host. We have had the best results when he hosts our games.



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