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Rainbox Six 3 Upcoming Patch


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Straight from the Ubisoft Website Forum


Official list of fixes in the Auto-Update that is to be released soon


Please see below for the official list of fixes in the Auto-Update that is to be released soon:


1. The "hacked" gear room allowing access to molotov cocktails, silenced G3A3, and allowing users to carry multiple primary weapons will now be an empty slot, thus not allowing users to have these weapons/abilities anymore.


2. The peek bug allowing a player to see through walls has been fixed. Users will no longer be able to "glitch" and see through walls.


3. Number of CO-OP attempts will now be recorded on the XBL Leaderboards.


4. Number of successful CO-OP missions on a dedicated server will also now be recorded on the XBL Leaderboards.


These are the confirmed and official fixes coming in the update. Like I said before, cheating will never prevail and Ubi will do everything it can to hinder or stop it and those that choose to do it.





Casey 'BulletTooth' Keefe

Ubisoft US Online Community Manager - Tom Clancy

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