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New RSC2 Interview and Pictures *WOW!*

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I have to thank -op-ivy over @ teamxbox for the link.


How many cars, tracks and unlockable features has Rallisport Challenge 2 got?


Magnus: Ooh, 93 tracks and 44 cars, as it is today. How many unlocks is it altogether? Over 200.


Bach: We have three unlockable skins for each car, 20 unlockable cars. You have some stuff to do if you want to unlock everything.

...thats a lot of unlocks.




Edit - Apparently, you have to sign up.. so here is the interview.




Digital Illusions is gunning for glory with its Xbox-exclusive rally follow-up. We get the full lowdown from the developer


16:03 Digital Illusions' all singing, all dancing sequel Rallisport Challenge 2 is a game hard not to be impressed by.


It's the sort of title that has your jaw dropping and hanging slackly around your ankles when you see it running. In short, the rally follow-up looks bloody amazing, with cars, tracks, environments and environmental effects so visually astounding that even if you're not turned on by the genre, you'd still be bowled over by the developer's graphical achievements.


Underneath the eye-popping glory is a rally title that aims for the middle ground, hitting between arcade and simulation - quick-fix, pick-up-and-play gamers are as much a target for Digital Illusions as hardcore fans of the genre.


A key area where such is apparent is car tuning, which players can leave well alone and so plump for a default set-up or embrace and tinker with in an effort to gain an extra edge.


Realistic car physics and a brutally destructive damage model system - apparently Criterion's crash-spectacular series Burnout has been an inspiration here - are an integral part of the experience, and there's reams of cars, tracks and unlockables and Xbox Live support for online leaderboards and multiplayer crammed into the package too.


Armed with thick wooly jumpers and bobble hats we recently trekked off to chilly Stockholm, Sweden, home of Digital Illusions HQ. Not only did we get to give the latest Rallisport Challenge 2 code a good battering but also had the chance to chat with producer Karl Magnus and lead designer Patrick Bach about the game.


[continued on site]


Sorry, no quoting entire articles from other sites, unless it's a press-release

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I clicked on the link and didn't have to sign-in, and I don't recall ever registering there. In any case, we aren't allowed to quote entire articles.


Thanks for the heads-up, this game is looking amazing.


EDIT: OK that's weird, the first time I visited I got through fine, I could see the interview and screens...but the second time I was presented with a form to fill out. So if you go, and you get through, read the whole thing the first time ;)


EDIT2: I deleted the cookies from that site and got through again 8)

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