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Laptop i recommend for everyone


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I just got a dell inspiron 8500 this week. It is a excellent laptop with lots of power. Its meant as a desktop replacement for the most part. It has


15.4 inch widescreen display

P4 2.4

512 mb ram

60 gig HD

64 mb nvidia graphic card(the newer laptop card)

24x combo cd-rw/dvd drive

wireless card



The battery lasts around 3 hours for normal comp use. i havent tried a full dvd yet to see how long the battery will last. But you can also get a spare main battery, or for non interuppted play back you can get a second battery for the modular bay. Everything in here is upgradable as dell has slots for pretty much everything to pop out of


Like i said I highly recommend this system. But wait for good dell deals. When i ordered mine the deal was good, then last week sucked and this week is good again.



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I have an Inspiron 7500, purchased almost three years ago, and it has been a great laptop. For awhile it went with me everywhere from school to work to home and back again. I never had any trouble with it (once I uninstalled Windows ME, that is). It even survived a soda spill (with some chemical intervention) with no side effects other than one sometimes sticky key.


I'm not mobile any more so I'm trying to sell it and use the money to build a second desktop for my wife, but I would look to Dell the next time I needed another laptop.

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