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Relocating to a new state

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After a few visits to Colorado over the past few years, my wife and I decided last year that we wanted to move there.


Since we don't have stacks of cash sitting around, we can't just pack up and leave. We need to get jobs out there first. I work for a very large corporation that has offices in Denver and Boulder. My wife is an Accouting Manager for a national company based here in St. Pete, FL. She's more willing to get a new job than I am, after working where I've worked for over 5 years, and earning a decent salary and benefits package. I'm in the services sector of the IT industry.


However, after applying for nearly a dozen internal jobs out in CO, I'm coming up empty. I've started to expand my search outside of my company, putting resumes on Hotjobs.com and Monster.com. I'm getting ready to contact a job-finding firm like KForce. My wife has done the same, but we're hoping that I can find the job first, since it will be relatively easy for her to find work if we move out there before she gets a new job.



has anyone on this board done a cross-country move, just because you wanted to move to a new state? If so, can you share your experience? Are there any resources you're aware of to help people like me who need assistance with their relocation?

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