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Thursday night gaming

Guest Bryan

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I picked up Carve last week as well. I?ve played only one race and I suck at it. I might be up for a race or two tonight. I was hoping to get some gaming in before CSI. I might play some RS3 as well, but send me an invite if you see me on.

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Originally posted by merlot@Mar 11 2004, 04:32 PM

I can host some Carve tonight. No more MTX for me though, traded it in today...

Because I couldn't win in any race :cry:





I'll be up for playing anything, my fiance isn't home tonight to complain about hogging the T.V. :lol:

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I just got Champions of Norrath and a network adaptor. My fiance and I can play tonight, although our characters are only lvl 2. If not.....


I think tonight is going to be a Steel Battalion night, just like every other night for the past week. :green:





p.s. I could go for a bit of wolfenstein if a 16 player game got going.

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I thought I played on Live with you in PGR2 and RS3??


Haven't tried PGR2 yet. I did play you guys on RS3 for a while, but that was a rental. I didn't buy the game because I didn't like getting killed within the first minute and then watching the rest of you play :)

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