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Sony Online Gamers Unite!


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I rarely play any of my Sony online games due mostly to the high asshat factor. I was hoping we could use this thread to arrange a few games amongst ourselves, maybe in combination with a private Xbox Live Tetris game for ease of communication (I don't have a USB headset, either). I have SOCOM, Tribes:Aerial Assault, Auto Modellista, Amplitude, Twisted Metal:Black Online, and the Madden and Frequency demos.

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Now that my PS2 is online ready, anytime someone wants to try out AMplitude, count me in. I suck at it, but it'd be fun to try.


Does anyone have recommendations on a headset I can buy for voice chat? I know not every game supports it, but it'd be good to have one just in case.

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Okay, I just played a few songs on Amplitude. Fun game! I only played on the "Mellow" setting, but I can see how this could get crazy hard. Has anyone played online yet? I might be able to play this game even with my screwed-up tv screen, since the action seems to take place in the "cone of clarity". Fire up a private Tetris room and we have Live chat as well.

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Fire up a private Tetris room and we have Live chat as well.


You know, that's an awesome idea, Allen. I image it will even be easier as soon as the next version of Live comes out since we won't have to load up a game.


Sony online games I own:


ATV Off-Road Fury 2





Looks like I'll have to pick up Amplitude at some point as well.

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Clunky like all PS2 online games seem to be. Hard to find friends online, couldn't tell how/if you host a private game, there's a chat window full of cleverly-named asshats typing 13375p34k and wanting me to "byte" them, too many lobbies, it just feels like it will require some outside coordination to get together in a game.

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Gotcha. From what I've read Socom 2's interface is quite the revelation. Looking forward to seeing what comes of it.


Now how about a game on Sunday? :wink: (My skills in Amp are utterly laxed at this point but what better way to practice!)


Perhaps Harmonics next in the series will include voice chat as well..(they are working on Kareoke Revolution I believe).

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