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Real Life Ninja?

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I found out some info about this:


From here


Parkour, or more accurately "Le Parkour" due to its french origins is a street sport which has been described by some alternately as "obstacle-coursing" or "the art of movement".


The idea is to move through the environment in a way that is as fluid, aestheticaly pleasing and original as possible. Its proponents, called traceurs, run, drop from heights, vault, flip and climb their way around obstacles trying to chain a group of these individual elements into a stylish whole.


Its founders including David Belle and Sebastien Foucan have built up their skills over the last ten or more years so that they are capable of cat-like agility and awesome physical feats.


There's a link at the bottom of the page to the official Le Parkour website.

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Two sites from the article FreakTornado found:






They have a product test of a sneaker on the last one. They seemed to like the Nike Pegasus:


The trend at the moment is for trainers to have a hinge type thing going on (see pic below) where the front part of the foot and the heel are separated. In most cases, the middle section has a shiny plastic coating which is totally useless for rails/balancing and will see you slipping all over the place. Luckily the Pegasus are flat and allow for for over and under shooting your precisions without any fear.



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I think (I can't get to the site) that this is actually the French invention of 'Free Running', which while it takes the landing techniques from Japanese martial arts is something that they came up with as kids in response to growing up in French modernist architecture that looks great, but didn't give them much in the way of traditional playgrounds. Instead, they started using the architectural features as climbing frames.


edit - yes, the Le Parkour site does work for me, and its the guys I thought they were. I recommend the BBC advert on that site. Its on the videos page and is called 'Rush Hour'.

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OK, funny stuff here!


Of course, being curious, I checked out the rest of the website. I haven't yet even looked into the site enough to see what it's about, but one of the first videos has already got me hooked.


This IS NOT a work safe link,... unless of course you're feeling bold.


The end is so funny!

Oh, and Evil JOEL, this video is right up your ally! ;)




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