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TOCA Race Driver 2


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After playing some PGR2 tonight I was surprised to see that very few had heard of this game. TOCA Race Driver 2 is from the same group that brought you Colin Mcrae, but with multiple forms of racing.


The game also includes an incredibly wide range of motor sports. They include Open Wheel Grand Prix, Super Truck racing, Stockcar Oval Racing, Rally, Rally cross, Ice-Racing, Formula Ford, Classic Racing, Convertible Racing, Street Racing, GT Racing, and Performance Cars. In a genre that typically breaks down games into very specific categories it should be nice to have so many options. One minute you can tear around an oval in a flat bed truck and the next minute you can try out some rally cross action in a souped up Land Rover.


Here's a couple of previews to read over:


IGN Preview


Gamespot preview


Oh yeah, there's also Live support:


While the exact details are still being determined, Codemasters is aiming to support 12 to 16 players via system link and plans to support the same number over Xbox Live as well. Xbox Live support will also feature a nice twist to encourage you to go through the entire game. While you'll be able to join a game featuring any of the race types, you'll only be able to host a race if you've unlocked that race type in career mode. Thankfully the conditions for unlocking a race type aren't too difficult; you have to participate in the race, but you don't have to take first place in the race.


Here's a few screenshots, a couple that show the damage model :D










Here's a video showing how quickly a race can end:


Windows Media Format


Quicktime Format


As of now TOCA 2 is scheduled for release on April 21 for a price of $39.99. Hope to see some LCVGer's on the track :tu:

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I'm highly anticipating it. The TOCA series used to be great before they fudged up the physics on the previous game. That game did have lots of cars on the track with a fast framerate, in-car view & nice sound, so with some tweaks to physics & AI they're all set...it's all about the physics & AI, isn't it? Codemasters used to be great in that area, but they've gone downhill over the years. Still, they're claiming to have the "best physics ever" with TOCA R.D. 2 so I'm crossing my fingers.


Here's an article at Kikizo Games with a butt-load of movies to check out:



They seem impressed with the game!


Hmm, from those videos it looks like they still haven't added a rear-view mirror, which is one of my other complaints with the previous game.

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This game wasn't on my radar until Buck mentioned it last night during PGR2. After reading the previews I'm really looking forward to this. I really hope they nail down the handling, and they don't fudge the network code. Sounds promising though with support for up to 12 to 16 players.

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Guest Bryan
Originally posted by Whooter@Mar 12 2004, 01:45 AM

I'm sure I'll be able to be coerced into getting it...

I'm sure of that too.


<LCVG member>"Hey Joel, there is a new game where you sit on a toilet and drop turds on pieces of toilet paper. It is Live enabled and costs $50. Are you going to get it?"


<Joel> "Yes". :green:


I resemble your lack of restraint. See you on the track. :lol:

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Robot Monkey, that game didn't really have any role playing elements & neither does this one. There is a story mode though. I guess you can sorta choose which team you join up with and stuff...I guess that's what you meant! I assume this game is done the same way but don't know for sure.

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Originally posted by Bryan+Mar 12 2004, 08:54 AM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Bryan @ Mar 12 2004, 08:54 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-Whooter@Mar 12 2004, 01:45 AM

I'm sure I'll be able to be coerced into getting it...

I'm sure of that too.


<LCVG member>"Hey Joel, there is a new game where you sit on a toilet and drop turds on pieces of toilet paper. It is Live enabled and costs $50. Are you going to get it?"


<Joel> "Yes". :green: [/b]



Sounds about right...

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This game is coming out this week at a price of $29.99!!


Also, the May issue of OXM has an online playable demo. I got my copy yesterday and played online a little bit.


The lobby interface is great, very similar to MotoGP2. I didn't play much online because the asshat factor was high in the server I was on. In the demo your car (a '68 Mustang) tends to lose control pretty easilly if you get tapped by an opponent.


The damage model seems good too, in one race my front windshield cracked and my back one shattered all the way. On the first turn pileup my bumpers also crumped up a bit.


The HUD also has damage indicator lights under the tachometer showing which internal parts are damaged (transmission, engine, wheels, etc).


There is also a fuel meter and working pits for longer races, very cool! I look forward to playing some 20-30 lap races online with you guys.


Oh, I almost forgot: the game is 480p/16:9!

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