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I thought I'd share some videos in a thread I was reading over at Nasioc, which is an Subaru Impreza owners/enthusiast site. A fellow by the name of John Felstead from Machester, England regularly visits and laps the Nurburgring in his Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type RA (that's a mountful).


The thread is about 25+ pages, but scattered about are links to his 80mb in-car videos. I thought some here (especially Sam P) would find these interesting. The guy definitely has skill. Although it doesn't look like it, he hits speeds upwards of 160 mph!


An interesting qoute from him:


The ring is a public road, not a closed race track, so you have the same traffic laws aplying as a normal road in Germany, i.e. you should pass on the left and it is the person you are passings responsibility to move right and indicate! I love driving in Germany!!
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Originally posted by iainl@Mar 12 2004, 10:03 AM

Without sitting through an 80Mb video, what's his laptime like?

I want to say by the end of the that long thread, he was turning in 8:20's. Not 100% sure, I'll check later. The first video is in the higher 8's though.

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