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MVP Baseball 2004

Bruce B

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Wow, MVP looks and sounds great! Still, I need online play this time around. If EA woke up and supported Live they'd have my dollars. The only way I'm picking this game up is if the other publishers screw up this year. That said, it's too bad. I love the addition of the minor league system!


However, come to Pedro in the eighth with the game on the line and he may get a small boost. Of course, as we know from recent history, that doesn't mean Pedro will close the deal.



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If anyone picks up MVP Baseball today please post some quick thoughts, regardless of the console you get it for.


I should have it tonight Bryan. Rumors are that Arod did not make it to the Yanks on the final version so I'm already disappointed. Did you guys see that Joel has switched over from his beloved Red Sox? Congrats



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Did you guys see that Joel has switched over from his beloved Red Sox?

:lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:


That;s funny Bruce, that means your avatar IS true!






You may be fooling some of these guys Bruce, but I know where your true loyalties lie!




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Okay after playing about a half hour here are my initial impressions on MVP 2004


1.Graphics- Pretty decent. Facial animations are inconsistent, stances seem good. It seems to lack the detail of the varying size of each player

Animations and fluidity of the game are pretty sweet. No great homerun animations though and on the only homerun I saw the ball didnt bounce around in the stands it just seemed to disappear.


Pitching interface- I like this because you just dont push a button, there is some coordination involved and it impacts the pitch


Batting interface- Nothing special here although I love if you swing and miss a pitch a popup window comes up showing you a very quick replay to see why you missed the pitch. Very well done because it kills the time well between pitches.


Gameplay- Sweet. Seems to be a wide variety of the way the ball comes off the bat and the controls are simple to pick up.

I am a little worried about the AI because on a hit that got by the shortstop a runner on second didnt advance.


Dynasty Mode- Rosters were only updated thru like mid January so I had to do the Arod/Soriano trade manually. I cant understand why they couldnt do a last minute roster update.


Overall I think I would have to give it a solid "A" thus far and I'm sure I will be playing it for hours tonight. Will still buy ESPN though for its online feature.

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Guest Bryan



Please describe the in-game menu for bullpen activity / mound visits after you use it tonight. I am particularly interested in that interface.


Thanks alot!

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Please describe the in-game menu for bullpen activity / mound visits after you use it tonight. I am particularly interested in that interface.


You can get at these options in one of two ways. Either with the pause menu(start button) or the quickest way without pausing the game is using the white button on the xbox controller which bring up the options to get someone up in the bullpen, sit someone down, substitute, or a mound visit. Also while youre in this menu, if you already have someone warming up, it tells you how far they are warmed up.

Once you have put someone in to warm up in the bullpen, during the game it cuts nicely occasionally to show the pitchers warming up. If you do make a pitching change the manager comes out of the dugout and actually signals by touching his left or right arm which pitcher he wants.

As far as mound visits, again thats activated by the white button and the manager goes out to the mound along with the catcher and it says whether it was a positive or negative visit.

Hope that helps. If you want to know something more specific let me know.

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Originally posted by Bryan@Mar 12 2004, 09:19 AM



Have you played much more? Are there any historical teams in the game?

Have played alot more. Not sure about the historical teams because I have started a season but I know there are unlockable stadiums so maybe there are unlockable teams. There are a few glitches but over all its excellent.


There is really an impetus on the pitching accuracy meter and if you mess up you really get pummeled. I'm struggling with hitting a little.I've played three games in my season and have only hit one homer(Arod of course). There are several sliders for adjusting both yours and the CPU performance that I need to tinker with some more. Also struggling to remember to use the right analog button to dive and jump.

I really cant see, no matter how good ESPN is, me throwing this puppy on Ebay, so I may be forced to keep two baseball games this year.

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