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DVD-R, what kind do you use?

Andre F

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Well, it's still a bit like the early days of CD-R, but it's getting better.


By that, I mean that what media works best for you may depend partially on your drive.


I'm currently using an amazing Optorite (allegedly made by Samsung) 4x +R/-R burner. I used to have a Panasonic 1x -R/-RAM burner.


I have having pretty much 100% success with Verbatim 2x -R, TDK 2x -R, and TDK 4x +R.


I always try to buy 'Made In Japan' media when I can. It is generally better than Taiwan, etc. I don't use cheap media any more, only branded media; cheap media isn't worth it with quality branded media down to $2 per disc and less.


If I see a smokin deals on media, I'll post it here.

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I have a Pioneer DVR-105 and I typically use Ritek media for day-to-day stuff and when I have a lot of time. For stuff I want to last forever, I use either the Pioneer or Apple media (they are the same, just branded differently). It burns fast and is super compatible for stand-alone players of different brands. I typically find the Apple is a bit cheaper for whatever reason than the Pioneer, but trust me, there is nothing Apple-specific about it, it works fine on PC burners!

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