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Question about Microsoft Flightsim 2002

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After FINALLY upgrading from the 'oh so silent' skies of flightsim 2000, I'm still in amazement at the realtime atc. Man, what a difference!!!!! Not to mention better graphics and a MUCH improved interface.


My pc is a turd by todays standards (p3/500 voodoo3 agp, 256mb) so, no 2004 for me...yet!!


Anyhoo...the only thing that irritates the shit outta me is that you ALWAYS start, ready to go, at the end of your departure runway whenever you're going to do a flight. Doesn't matter if it's ifr or vfr. Always engines up and running, always on the correct runway.


What the hell do they include the ability to start your engines for if they are always already to go?!!? Why does atc go through the ridiculous practice of telling you to contact the tower when you are ready on the runway? You're already there!??!


Do any of you guys know some way to make it so that you start with the plane in a dead state? Perhaps, sitting on the tarmac somewhere instead of the runway? I can't find anything in any of the setup screens and, I haven't come across anything in the manuals.


Hell, I was sitting on the runway, was told to hold short of it by atc because there was a plane on base, ready to head onto final and, I'd be right in the way! ATC made the plane to a go-around when he went onto final. Why start us out on the damn runway?!!?

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When you select the airport, you can tell the sim to start you out on the ramp or in a parking area, with everything off. In fact, with an IFR flight where you have to file a flight plan, I thought it starts you off parked automatically. I don't have 2002 installed ATM, I'm waiting till I have a more powerful machine, then I'm going to pick up 2004.


Edit: This should be the case for most of the airports, though there are a lot of smaller runways where there are no taxiways or parking areas.



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Thanks for the info Brian. I'll have to look again but, I can honestly say that I haven't seen anything that allows you to select starting on the ramp, anywhere in any of the menus.


BTW, you wouldn't happen to know where you can find airport info such as, ILS frequencies, VOR frequencies...ect???


I REALLY miss having an actual manual... :(

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In the Airport Selection menu I seem to recall one of the drop down boxes being labeled as something like "Starting Location", or something similar.


No idea about finding out what ILS and VOR frequencies are... I was always too lazy to use that, I just used the GPS ;)


There is a manual in .pdf format you could always print out, located somewhere on the CD.



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