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EA presents The Godfather........... the videogame

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A friend of mine was interviewing for a job at EA last year, and was told about their plans for the Godfather. It actually sounds pretty cool. They are spending a lot of time trying to capture Coppola's film style for the game.


(He ended up not getting the EA job, but got another one in Hollywood)

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Hey, nothing like this can surprise me after they went ahead and turned Seven Samurai into some futuristic hack 'n' slash game. :bang: And not a particularly good one by the look of things. Well, maybe a Citizen Kane game featuring a giant robot Kane would surprise me.


It seems pretty natural that a company like EA would try to exploit the Godfather licence after the massive success of the GTA games.

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Will Sofia ruin the 3rd game?



Dunno, I suppose it depends on how much gets lost in translation


:lol: Props to Mark, that was a great retort. Brilliant!


-And on the GF game, I would look forward to the title. I enjoyed Mafia a whole lot and I'd welcome a title that could potentially upstage it such as the GF. Granted I doubt it could do the movie justice, but I never go into a video game with that set of expectations. I just hope it's a good title and well done, aside from the liniage.

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Why should anything be sacred? "A company like EA"? I think EA makes great games. As Kelley pointed out, they've certainly done well by the Lord of the Rings franchise. I think it would be cool to play a soldier in the Corleone family, taking orders from the Don, avenging Sonny's death, etc. (which is how I would choose to develop it). As for Seven Samurai, why not update it? Isn't The Magnificent Seven also a wonderful film? Should a videogame hew to the original? In that case, you'd have to make it black-and-white and in Japanese, color and English being updates themselves. Keep the storyline about Samurai in feudal Japan? What's to distinguish that from a host of similar games? That they apparently didn't implement the change very well doesn't mean they shouldn't have tried, just that they should have tried harder.

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"A company like EA"?
Yes, a big software company that releases a lot of games based on movie licenses.


I think EA makes great games.
Never said they didn't.


Isn't The Magnificent Seven also a wonderful film?
It's OK. It doesn't come close to Seven Samurai, though.


Keep the storyline about Samurai in feudal Japan? What's to distinguish that from a host of similar games?
Yes, I think if you're making a game about Samurai, setting it in feudal Japan would probably be a good idea. Obviously, the thing distinguishing it from a host of similar games would be the license, exactly the same thing that is distinguishing the 20XX game from a host of games set in the future.
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Well I'd say EA have proven themselves when it comes to recreating the atmospheres of some major franchises in videogame form, of that there is no doubt, but they're a bunch who still fail to push ahead in any real innovation in my mind, and I know others feel the same. Again, I personally just can?t help feeling they?re out of their depth on this one.


Should something like this remain sacred? I don't know. Should game developers really be reaching so far in desperation of cashing in on another franchise like Hollywood throws together a quick sequel because it?s guaranteed a sufficient success thanks to its name alone and is far easier than thinking up an original project?


I think there's some good talent within EA, but these franchise games can bring with them both freedom and restrictions upon the staff involved to the extent where it can hurt the quality of their output.


In a way it begs the question of how much is good enough with these sorts of games because we can often feel quite content with running, shooting, creeping round corners like we?ve done countless times before in a videogame, so long as this time we're doing it as 007. Can a movie licence help us overlook the fact we're so frequently playing with elements we've usually experienced many times before in other games? EA seem to think so, but I am not sure I'd be one to agree, especially in the long run.


We've obviously no idea on the approach they're taking here, and I'm curious to see the results, I really am. If, however, it's akin to Mafia but to the music of Nino Rota then my feelings toward a lot of these games and notably EAs approach to exploiting a franchise, isn?t going to change for the better any time soon.


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Originally posted by Daniel Brecher@Mar 15 2004, 04:52 PM

Should something like this remain sacred?

I'm reminded of an interview with Alan Moore that I read somewhere around the release of From Hell. The interviewer asked him whether he was worried about Hollywood butchering his works.


Moore said something to the effect of "Why should I care what Hollywood does? All my works are on the bookshelf behind me. They haven't touched the originals. I don't care what Hollywood does; my work is still there on the shelf."



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Bringing this thread back from the dead since EGM has a huge article on this game along with all the screenshot supposedly being from the X-box 2 version. The game will obviously be a GTA free roaming style of game. Here is the kicker, you will not be playing Michael, Vito, Sonny, or even Fredo...you will create your own Mafia guy using the same type of face creation system found in the Tiger Woods games. Al Paccino will not be lending his voice to the game, but James Caan, Robert Duval, and even Marlon Brando will. :tu

The article says EA got all of Brando's voice-overs recorded about 6 months before he passed away.


All in all, the games graphics look very nice and the gameplay has major potential. Now lets see if EA can pull it off. I highly recommend everyone checking out the article.



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