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The LCVG Must have Xbox Games list


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This is a list of the must have games for Xbox. As well as a few other game suggestions as well. The list will be updated as new titles come out, and each game will soon have a little description of why it is a must have game and so forth.



Well Known Mass Market Games


Knights of the Old Republic

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Prince of Persia

Project Gotham Racing 2 (Live)

Ninja Gaiden

Crimson Skies: High Road to revenge (Live)

Rainbow Six 3 (Live)

Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow (Live

Links 2004 (Live)

Mech Assault (Live)

Splinter Cell

Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Live)

MotoGp 2 (Live)

Steel Battallion and SB: Line of Contact

Soul Calibur 2

007:Everything or Nothing


ESPN Football

Rallysport Challenge 2(Live)

ESPN Football 2k5(Live)

Splinter Cell : Pandora Tommorow(live)

Colin McRae 2004

Dead or Alive Ultimate

Mortal Kombat Deception


LCVG Off the Radar Favorites


Beyond Good and Evil


Metal Arms Glitch in the System

Jet Set Radio Future

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