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Rainbow 6: New Meat Packing Plant Map Ready for DL


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Originally posted by Bryan@Mar 16 2004, 08:38 AM

Did anyone play this map last night? If so, impressions??

A bunch of us played last night, and no one seemed overly impressed. New content is ALWAYS welcome, but I don't think this map is one of the best.

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I'll download this today, but am rather busy tonight and tomorrow night. Tomorrow being St. Patty's day and all I have a lot of drinking to prepare for :green:

I have a couple of friends coming over for eats and beer, so I have to clean up tonight.

Thursday and Friday should be good though.

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I liked it. Lots of close-quarter shooting, but the map branches out in a few directions. It's easy to get lost (and be the last man alive) since you're wandering around trying to find the co-op doorways that aren't there. Maybe I just liked it because I had a four-kill match, after which I promptly rested my laurels.

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The new map is not as small as Garage but isn't any more complicated than Airport 1. While it seems easy to get lost in at first, it won't take long to realize how small and navigatable this map is.


The map is somewhat symmetrical with each team starting at opposite ends of the map. The focal point is the largest room in the middle which I'll call the vat room because there are two huge vats in there.


Everyone starts in a small office (both teams) which leads into a bigger room (both teams). Green team starts in the cold meat locker while Red team starts in the cutting room. There are three ways out of each spawn (left, right, middle).

1. Green's right door (Red's left) leads upstairs into the upper offices which overlook the vat room. This route is very symmetrical for both teams.

2. The middle door leads into the lower portions of the vat room. Green team has to travel through an extra small room, thus Red has the advantage of getting to their door faster. Also, Red has quick access to a ramp leading upstairs from this door.

3. Green's left door (Red's right) leads into a long and thin room with hanging meat. Red team has to travel through an extra small room, thus Green has the advantage of getting to the room faster. In the middle of the room is an entry way into the vat room.


Given equal skill of players on both teams, the Red team should have the advantage through quick access to the lower vat room.


All of the doors are metal so good luck trying to shoot through them.


Rating: B

We always welcome new maps and it will be a nice one to revisit from time to time, but it won't impact the RS3 world quite like Carnival did.



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