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The Suffering


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I've been playing The Suffering since Friday and want to post a few impressions. First, the language. :shock: The F Bomb, and a few other choice words, fly right off the bat. Don't let the kiddies hang out when you play this game. The controls, using both the right and left stick, took a few minutes to get used to again, but I figured it out quickly. The graphics. :? Not the greatest compared to, say, Final Fantasy X, but good enough. There is much blood. The creatures became quickly boring to me, but I am fairly early into the game. It is a decent horror fix until RE Outbreak and RE4 comes out, and I will update as I get deeper into the game, as I can really only play after the wife and daughter go to sleep. :lol: Anyone playing the XBox version?

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I rented this a couple of weeks ago on the PS2. I was really looking forward to the game, and am I happy it was only a rental. Game got boring very quickly. Some of the monsters were oroiginal, but I got tired of them rather fast. The gameplay was ho-hum for me. Its got great amounts of gore and plenty of cursing. :)

Other than that, I say it is a rental at best.


Oh, I am looking forward to Siren. :tu:



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