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I've recently filled up my current DVD storage method and need a new one, so I wanna see how other people store their DVDs and whatnot.




I definetely would love to get something that looks stylish, yet needs to hold a lot of DVDs. So lets see your solutions to DVD storage.

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My storage racks are getting pretty full, I've begun to stack them up on top of one of the racks.




My father is a carpenter and is supposedly building me a storage shelf big enough to hopefully give me some room for a while. Incidentally, he built all the shelving units and table in my gaming room pics as well, I keep him busy. :D

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I used to have a "wall of dvds" on white bracketed shelving. The kind you put the rails on the wall and then put the bracket into the slots. I had 8" shelf brackets and I purchased 12" shelves and had them cut off the back 4". I then used the extra piece to make a backstop so everything would line up nice and neat.


It worked great but once you get above 400-500 dvds they get unruly and take up a lot of space. I ended up just getting four of the bigger leather look CD flip books and have 2 for A-Z, one for music/musicals, and one for kids. I do have a small shelf for nicer looking box sets.


I've got all the cases in several big boxes in the garage.

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