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Here's some random thoughts.


I like the color scheme, I'm a fan of those kinds of greens. But the black type is right on the borderline between easily readable and something you have to look twice at to read, it seems much easier to read along the bottom where it runs across the lighter green...if you could just lighten up the green background under the black type just a shade it might be more easily readable.


The image along the top is cool, but it's very tall. It's nearly 200 pixels, and when you consider that a number of web users are still at 800x600 screen resolution, that would mean for those people 1/3 of their vertical screen real-estate is taken up by the graphic. If there's more image to the sides you could make it wider and then scale it down, in effect making it shorter...


I'm also not sure what "Main" is for. It's also taking up vertical space, which means that the navigation starts almost 250pixels down the screen. If you got rid of "Main" the navigation could move up.


I know this is mostly negative, but the overall design is fine, I'm just nitpicking some things.

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To agree with FreakTornado, its a really nice colour scheme, but the main text is pretty unreadable as black on the dark green background. I'd suggest that either you lighten the green, or preferably darken the light parts a little and go for white text.


The banner is pretty large on my window, yes - if you could photoshop it down so the guy is taking up like a third of the total width, with more space between him and the tree, say, then it would be about the right height.

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I like the layout, colors and design! I also agree that the readability should be improved.


I have two other comments, however:


1. The soldier or Marine in the banner seems out of place. I think this is an airsoft/paintball site, so it doesn't make sense to throw up a picture of a serviceman for a game site. I note that he isn't wearing regulation eye protection, either. ;)


2. I think the quote from the Ranger creed is inappropriate. I don't know what kind of rules or game types you go by, so for all I know you do play games where you have to drag out "incapacitated" teammates. Still, I'd suggest leaving that quote out unless you've earned the Ranger tab and want to show some pride in your organization.


Overall, though, I like it except for those few thoughts.


BTW, the Skirmish USA reference reminded me of (what was at the time) the world's largest paintball game I played in there many years ago. Unfortunately, it didn't seem well-refereed and the actual game play sucked with 1600 people per side. Everyone just moved in massive packs and then engaged in spray 'n' pray when bad guys were spotted.


There used to be a very well-run paintball field in Lansdale called, funnily enough, Cobra Command. Dunno if they're still around, but my friends and I had a lot fun there at their Veteran's Day games.



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Great to hear he still owns it! I doubt he'd remember, but he was always nice to us. A bunch of buddies and I used to go up for their Veteran's Day games and play Navy/Marine Corps vs. Army and zoomies. The field judges there were great and would gleefully comment on my evil harassment tactics.



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