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Sprint PCS Game Pad


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Oh yea, I'm going to whip that huge accessory out of my pocket while I'm bored standing in line. Just like those camera accessories for phones...the one time a UFO lands in your back yard is when you left the damn camera pak in your desk at work.


How much crap do we need to carry?

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I could get that A600 with discounts and rebates at work for a mere 100 at most (I work for Sprint). The 40 dollars above that for the game pad would be almost nothing but as Camp said...why bother?


First of all I DETEST cell phones. I had to buy one recently to communicate with my wife since we only have one car and it is a needed item at the moment to coordinate our schedules but god I hate having it on me and I refuse to ever use it for anything other than its predetermined purpose. I feel the same way about beepers as well.


If I'm out , its because I don't want to be bothered. If you cant get me at home. Leave a message cause I just don't want to be got.

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