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Another remake

Jeff W

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Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise will bring "The War of the Worlds" to the bigscreen, with Cruise expected to star.



Depending on how quickly the two get a "War of the Worlds" script they like, the sci-fi epic could start in late 2005. Spielberg is now completing work on "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Really, Dan? Either I'm disappointed, because he's not doing it, or I'm excited, because he's working on something good instead


He left Mission Impossible 3 last autumn I believe, really just due to scheduling conflicts. He's putting a lot of time into producing Lords of Dogtown. A film version of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button looks next for him on the directorial slate (there is a Variety article published today in fact, still linking him to the project at Paramount. At least I think it's Paramount). I am sure he is still itching to do Rendezvous with Rama which could then follow.


So er...... back to War of the Worlds, eh? :) I'm wondering if the film will be a contemporary of period affair. I'd love it to be the latter.

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