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Unreal Tournament 2004 Interest Check


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I know a few of you picked this up yesterday, and hope that more are planning on it. This is an interest check to see if any of you would want to spend some time playing against fellow asshats. With the built-in voice chat us Live players should feel right at home.


We'd need a decent showing to make good use of an Assault or Onslaught round, but we could at least do some deathmatch.


I'm a newcomer to the Unreal Tournament series of games so I may need some education on the various game types.


The bottom line is that I want to take this game online, but I'd much rather do it with you folks. Who's with me?

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I'd be interested as well. I just have to work out some issues with the game. First I had to download a crack just to play the game as it kept saying insert an original DVD, which obviously was inserted. Now it's eating up all my RAM and I get extreme delays in trying to enter a game. (ex. All the nodes are occupied even though I should have been there from the get go)

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