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Gamestop profits jump

Jeff W

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GRAPEVINE, Texas (AP) - GameStop Corp., the country's largest video-game retailer, Wednesday said its profit jumped 25 percent in the latest quarter as sales increased.


I use gamestop quite a bit myself but only because there's one less than 5 minutes from my house, the workers don't seem to really know much but it's clean, well organized, and takes reserves. :D I think it's probably more a result of them opening up stores everywhere, theres 6 of them within about 10 miles of me and only 2 EB'S.

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Yesterday might have been my last Gamestop experience, certainly for this one location. I don't know why I even go there, it smells so disgustingly like "teenage male gamer." But, since Gamestop is clearing out their Dreamcast inventory I thought I'd fill in some of the empty holes in my collection. I found a case for Stupid Invaders and waited in line to purchase. The clerk rifled through the used game drawer and said they didn't have a copy. Not really surprising, they've never had good inventory control. Then the clerk turned and tossed the case into the trash. I asked, "If you're just going to throw that away, can I have the manual?" He looked at the trashcan and back at me and I could almost hear the wheels squeeking in his head. He fished out the case and set it behind him. "I have to keep that in case we find the game." I don't know if that was true, or if he simply wanted to keep the manual for himself, but they lost my business, and probably forever.

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I have a Gamestop literally two blocks from my doorstep, but I don't buy much there. Small selection, nothing special prices. EBGames.com is the greatest thing since sliced bread though. I always get used stuff really cheap with their perpetual coupons (and now free shipping!) and the games are usually in great condition and required to be complete with manual and case (for current gen stuff anyway).

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-As mentioned before, I have no loyalty to any one place. If I had good consistance experiences I'd be inclined to return, but consistant good service has been elusive to this point. I have had an equal amount of pleasant experiences and annoying experiences at these type of video game outlets. I do enjoy when I meet clerks who are helpful, knowledgable and don't act effusive & boastful.


-In my area I have a number of Gamestops and EB's, and generally the individual stores are semi-consistant, personality-wise. I think the staff probably tends to reflect the particular management's personality at each location. At least that would seem to make sense as it pertains to thier hiring processes.

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