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Would you pay $$$ to play Halo on a cinema screen?


Would you pay to play Halo on a theatre screen?  

  1. 1. Would you pay to play Halo on a theatre screen?

    • Yes,no questions asked!!
    • Yes - $5 to $10
    • Yes - $10 - $20
    • Yes - over $20
    • No thanks
    • Possibly...

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The reason why I'm asking is that I'll be entering a Halo tourney here in Rhode Island. It's gonna be held at a cinema that has recently been renovated.


I'll post something about this in General Discussion later - but it's $5 to enter, & I'd easily pay that to have the chance to play Halo on a screen that big.


It's not an IMAX screen (which I know that some of the employees have used for games here) - but it will do just fine :green:


Your thoughts?

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I'm in the Jay camp, similar reasons.


Game is game is game. The advantage I see to big screens is being able to give everybody a decent view in split-screen. Otherwise, not a big concern. I've gamed on 13" TVs and use a 20" now. I never have a problem seeing what I'm doing :).


Not knocking it though, it sounds cool. The tournie part would be worth it for me :).

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I'd worry about motion sickness. I have never been motion sick during a game or movie, but at that size, the game would just about fill your peripheral vision, which could cause problems at the speed that games move.


I'd like to see it, but like Keith said, I suspect it won't look so hot.

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