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Xbox Live Friends Desktop Tool

Dave C

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I haven't tried it yet but it sounds good.


In addition to letting you see if your friends are playing online, you can see additional information about each of your gamer friends. What games do they play? When did they last play Project Gotham Racing 2? What time is it wherever your friends are located (Optional)? What is their real name, email address, instant messenger address, website/blog address (Optional)? What time does soandso gamer usually play?



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Originally posted by Ruffneck@Mar 22 2004, 04:25 PM

Just downloaded and installed this this morning. Very cool little tool. Makes it more convenient than logging into your friends list via the Xbox webpage.


This'll stay on my computer until MS comes up with their Messenger integrated Xbox Live tool.

Thanks for being the guinea pig :D

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It seems to update fine when the program starts. In the new version the icon in the tray would always be green indicating that it was "connected", however the list would never change, and when I logged into XBL, sure enough there were people online that were not showing in XBL Friends, even after many manual updates.

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