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Episode III Behind the Scenes footage leaked


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I've actually had this footage for quite a while. :P

I have the torrent file for it, but I get a "problem connecting to tracker" error. The file is 34.7MB, and I'm on dialup right now...so there's not much I can do to help you out here. :(

If you have an FTP server or whatnot that you can make me a temp account on, I could upload it for you...or if you really want it bad I'll put it on one of my servers and PM you the link, since I don't want to get murdered on bandwidth. ;)

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I've had it for awhile too... but it looks like I deleted it in the great cleanup of 04 (last week) otherwise I'd upload it to my webspace.


It's really low quality, with primarily a lot of bluescreen shooting going on. The lightsaber duels look like they will be quite intense this time though.

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