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Fire Emblem sequel.

The Daisy

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Yep, I don't see a Deathrow sequel in the future either. That's most unfortunate.


As for Fire Emblem, that's one of many games I'm interested in checking out. I'm holding off on buying it until I work through my stacks of unplayed/unopened games. It'll be mine eventually, though.

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I would just like to say... this game did come out and after having it nearly a year I finally played and finished it last month :D.


Even on Easy, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones provides a helluva challenge. I was really, really pleased with the game though and I thought I wasn't going to get into a tactical RPG at all since I'm about as good a tactician as I am a juggler. The system is easy to use and you really get the sense that you're turning a bunch of grubs into a kick-ass team of, uh, ass-kickers.


Characterization was done well and though the game's presentation is minimal and at times a bit overly talky, you get a great story in exchange for that plus the fact that death is permanent (and with the save system, a bitch to get around) means you get protective as all hell for your characters. It's a bit sad to see the epilogue that lists where everybody ended up and watching your deadies pass by just listing the part of the world they got offed in.


All in all, me likey and I'm looking forward to getting back into the series with another installment soon. Those of you who like a good tactical RPG could do a lot worse, there's a reason this is so damn popular in Japan :tu

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