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My Xbox Live story


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Ok, I'll start off with some background. I got Xbox Live 12/26/02. When I first got XBL, MotoGP was pretty much my game of choice. Then summer got closer and RTCW was released. That became my new game of choice. Even though it could get laggy, RTCW was a blast to play online, especially with the HTF people. A little later on MM3 was released. This was by far my best XBL experience. I played this game for several hours most nights of the week during the summer. Again, I had a great time playing this game with the HTF people.


Towards the end of summer, I believe that's when the HTF people made the switch over here because of reasons not needing mention. I also stopped playing XBL as much since school and work was keeping me busier than I was during summer. Well, not too long after school started, I picked up a second job. Now I had hardly any time at all to play XBL and pretty much didn't. I did buy Crimson Skies off a friend, but I didn't play it much online, though I did beat the single player portion (enjoyable, though I would of enjoyed a longer game). Come the new year, my credit card was charged with the $50 renewal fee. I had forgotten about that and called to have it cancelled. I didn't renew my XBL Service and gamertag Scarface7.


Enter March of 2004. I began to miss the days off playing on XBL. Even though I have piles of unplayed, unopened games, XBL was calling me back. I also stumbled onto a site that focused on MM3 leagues which put me over the edge being my favorite XBL experience. So despite still having school and two jobs, I decided to purchase XBL again.


My setup process was not too enjoyable. It took about 3 hours from start to finish. I had hoped to retain the gamertag Scarface7 since it's still the name I want to go by. However, that wouldn't be as easy as I thought. Because I had cancelled, I wasn't able to get Scarface7 again. Apparently when you cancel your gamertag goes into a "black hole" and isn't available until it "magically appears." Or at least that's the answer I got from several employees and a supervisor. After wasting hours on the phone, I decided to pick a new name. Scrface7 was the closest I could get to my old name, so that became my new tag.


Once I was setup, I popped in MM3. It told me I needed to download content in order to play online. Of course I choose yes. It took me to the XBL portion of the dashboard but didn't download the content. I repeated this process a couple times. No luck. So I got back on the phone with Microsoft. First guy wasn't any help. Luckily, the next guy did something and I was finally able to download the content for MM3.


Alright, that's it for the background :shock: , on to the current discussion. :green:


Basically, I'm looking for suggestions as to what XBL games to pick up next. The games I'm looking for are the ones which are most played here on XBL. As far as current games go, PGR2 and RS3 are two games I'm currently contemplating. I'd also like to pickup RTCW again since it's dropped in price and was such a good experience before. Is it still popular on XBL with the membership? Anyway, if I can get some XBL recommendations I'd appreciate it. I look forward to playing with you all again. See ya on XBL! :tu:




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RS3 is the most-played game here, I imagine. PGR2 is also popular, but it seems to be only the really good racers who play most often. Carve is a low-priced ($20) flavor of the week. Links is very good and you can always find someone willing to play a few rounds. RTCW is one of those games that is an absolute blast when we can all agree to meet up, but arranging that gametime is often difficult. Same with Crimson Skies.

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