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New Logitech wireless controller

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My Logitech wireless is the best made of all the one's I own. It's very good to see them take another stab at the design as that was the previous unit's main drawback.


I also hope they adjust the tension on the analog sticks as the old one was way too loose.


Yes, even better would be the ability to adjust the tension on the sticks (and the triggers). I'd buy this in a second if it offered that.

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I found this Logitech controller at CompUSA


Is looks slightly different, but maybe it's just the angle of the picture. At $25 I'm willing to give it a shot.


I wish there was a photo of the triggers, just curious about where they are and how they are shaped.


EDIT: Doh! that CompUSA model isn't wireless!

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Mar 19 2004, 01:38 PM

Ouch, $100. If I could pair it with a truly good wireless controller, I'd be tempted to replace the designed-on-Sedna MS headset.

Well it's less than that from some of their retailers when they are in stock. I really doubt we will see a wireless headset from anyone for under $70. Everytime one makes a release date, it disappears before too long.

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So I went down to CompUSA to look at the Logitech Precision Xbox controller (the one with a cord), and it's the same size as the big-ass PS2 wireless one.


I looked again at the images of the Wireless one and the corded one, and they are different, but I'm not sure if the wireless one is really significantly smaller. But that's hard to tell from images.


EDIT: you be the judge:


first the cordless


and the corded


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