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Midway Arcade Treasures high-score contest

Beer Monkey

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Welcome to the Midway Arcade Treasures high-score contest!


The game this round is ???!.

The competition ends Sunday, Sept 26 at 11:59 PM EST.




1) We rotate through the list of participants. When you reach the top, you get to choose the game for the week.

2) Standard difficulty level for all games, no 'Extreme', at least not for now.

3) No sniping! Post your new scores in a timely manner, at least once at the end of each day that you play.

4) Points after each round will be doled out in the following order: 25-20-17-14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1




Masta Red Snappa


Ryan FB

FreakTornado (Robotron)

IainL (Marble Madness)

Beer Monkey (Klax)

Orpheus (Paperboy)

Carlucci (Joust)

Nightwing (Sinistar)

secretvampire (Satan's Hollow)

Thrill Ho (Defender)

TheEvilEmpire (Root Beer Tapper)

Buck Thrustwell (Spy Hunter)

spubiga (withdrawn)

Merlot (720)

Sherbz (Bubbles)




209 Carlucci

200 MastaRedSnappa

185 Nightwing

184 SecretVampire

150 iain

107 merlot

98 Beer Monkey

72 thrill ho

70 Orpheus

65 FreakTornado

55 Sherbz

38 spubiga

30 Dogbert

25 Ryan FB

23 Buck Thrustwell

8 TheEvilEmpire

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I vote for:



Root Beer Tapper



I'm not great at any of the games on the set, but these are my personal favorites for fun.


I'm fine with collecting a list of participants (let's wait a couple of more days and see who else might join in), then making a random draw, and when it is your turn, you choose the game.


We could also do 2-week intervals instead of a month, if there were interest.


Edit: I am tracking players in the first post of this thread.

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Right, I've just found a copy and done a bit of playing.


Firstly, I suggest ruling out 720, as continues can be used (and indeed are pretty much required) to get further in the game; I suspect there are a number of others like this, too. Any contest needs to really be 1-crediting stuff.


Secondly, I've just seen how much I suck at Robotron. My high-score after a couple of quick goes: 87225. 1st on the scoreboard: 1633675.

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I'm not sure what I think about games with continues. On one hand, it can, to a degree, reward players with lots of spare time against those who might have greater skill. On the other hand, it is all part of the game. We could also do an honor system with certain games.


Why don't we work through everybody's favorite single-credit games first, then revisit this issue?


We can try a 1-week match for our first game, then decide if we feel it merits any increase to 10 days or 2 weeks.


Tomorrow I'll do a random draw of participants, and the first participant will chose a no-continue title and we'll open up gameplay. Any objections to proceeding in this manner?

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I like my other consoles, but why in hell would anybody with an XBox buy the version that is NOT Live-enabled? :D


What I like the most about Live is that there is one list that immediately shows you the scores of all your friends.


If anybody with another version wants to play, feel free. But we'll put an asterisk next to your record. ;)


I'm not worried about cheating at LCVG. But please at least keep your best score posted here frequently, so that we know what we are shooting at.


Calvin, I've added you to the list.

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