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Ps2 HD question


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Just a curious question. Ive seen a few pictures the last few days of the PS2 hard drive. and each one has the HD sticking out the back of the ps2 with the network adapter connected to the HD. Is that how its gonna be? If so thats pretty crappy. Hope people who have Equipment racks can fit it , if thats the case



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As far as I can tell it's the network adapter, not the hard drive, that's sticking out of the back. It's exactly the same as the network adapter installed on an non-hard drive PS2.


In other words, the network adapter sticks out of current PS2's the same way.

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Mar 20 2004, 08:47 PM

This coming from an Xbox forum moderator. Folks are still trying to shoehorn that sucker in. :lmfao: (j/k of course)

I love how people try to make the Xbox seem large and unwieldy.


Why, I just keep mine in a tractor shed, which you can purchase from any home improvement store. When I want to use my Xbox, two friends and I simply wheel it into the house on a hand truck.

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The way it works is that the HD is attached to the Network adapter. You then slide the hd in to the PS2. Adamsapple is right, The Network Adapter sits flush when the HDD is properly inserted. Not to brag but i know this cause I beta tested it. The only obvious difference in the PS2 is the weight and a status light that will emit from the grill underneath the controller ports.

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Sony really dragged their feet getting the HDD out, we didn't even get the comfirmation E-Mail until last Friday. It looks like UPS tried to deliver mine today, but I wasn't there to get it.


EDIT: Scratch that, the delivery wasn't for the HDD. Apparently they still haven't shipped yet, color me unimpressed ;)

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