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New Halo 2 Sniper Rifle?

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OK...allow me to re-phrase:


I don't see how you can come to any assumption about what that black thing is in the screen shot. OXM seemed to indicate it was a sniper rifle too but there's simply not enough data in that image to come to such a conclusion.


*sigh* You should read the captions and not just look at the pretty pictures.


Ok...so I missed the small text. Loose the attitude next time.

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Sniper rifles are pretty cool but, I'll be honest, I REALLY liked how the battle rifle sounded, and looked, from the E3 demo last year. Sounded like it had some decent balls, and take down power.


Actually, I kinda favored the assault rifle from the original Halo due to the fact that it was a real challenge to use it effectively.


I can see myself the new Battle Rilfe ALOT in Halo 2, depending on if the developers let us.

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JTello, A fellow Irish man!


Yes, I noticed that! :D



And as far as favorite gun in Halo, mine would definitely be the pistol. I am a mediocre to average with other weapons, but put the pistol in my hand and I become a killing machine. I don't get it really, but I instantly become lethal in close range and from a mile away with the pistol. :tu:


What other weapons or vehicles are you guys particularly lethal with?

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