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Rainbow Six 3 Ding! Play


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I'm feeling better than Fry-day night (touch of the stomach flu). Is anyone interested in some adversarial or terrorist hunt tonight starting around 10:30 EST? I could try my hand at hosting or someone else could who has a better upload than 170kbps (Xbox reading).



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Also, we need to do some duels.


Everybody uses pistols and gets on the same team. Two people pair up, back to back. Then they count off to ten, each taking a step every second. At ten the whirl around (no crouching!) and try to whack the other guy without moving in. Pairs keep it up until everyone is dead.


And how about dodgeball? Everyone gets in a contained area. Everyone takes Mac11 primary, pistol secondary and all frags. The guy who is it -- well, you can figure out the rest. Dodgees aren't allowed to shoot back until "It" runs out of grenades and starts shooting. Or something.



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I have played something similar to "dodgeball" before. It's a hoot!


BTW, did you know you can equip 9 grenades? You can have a primary weapon, then equip grenades as your secondary, tertiary, and quadriary (okay, I made that word up) weapons, for a total of 9.


Lately I've gotten in a habit of equiping grenades as my secondary, as it is much easier to switch between them with a simple pull of the left trigger.


See y'all next time!



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