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Planning Pandora Tomorrow rooms


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So if you are like me, you are gonna have this game in your greedy little hands sometime on Wednesday. Since the game only supports 4 player rooms, and we don't know how good the Live interface is, what do you think is the best way to set up games without having ten different threads going at a time?


Another thought is that since it is only 4 player, hopefully more people (like me) with 250kbps uploads can host. This will make getting a game going easier than hoping for someone with a high bandwidth to start a game and get into it.


Your thoughts gentlemen....(and I use the term loosely ;) )



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I've recently upgraded my ISP to Comast cable and I consistantly get upload speeds of 40-43kb/s (compared to the dsl I had which was getting me 13kb/s at best). I'll gladly host some PT games Wednesday night. Paid for my copy yesterday. :) Can't wait. Hope to see you guys around.

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