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UT2K4 3/22


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Is anyone up for trying some UT tonight? I know Romier is planning on jumping on after work and I'll be free after my PGR2 race at around 11PM EST.


I realize we probably won't get 16 to play, but if there is just a few maybe we could do some Invasion or just some plain old DM.


My tag in UT2K4 is [LCVG]Buck

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Originally posted by Ruffneck@Mar 22 2004, 07:02 PM

Where are we playing?

I figure either you or Romier can start a room so we can at least try out the voice chat. Then from there we can either do some DM, Invasion or hop on one of the Epic servers.


Sound good?

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No problem man. Right when I connected the server went offline. I got in a game of Onslaught with some masses and was a good time, of course no voice chat though.


I'll do some more reading on how to get it to work, because the game is an absolute blast :tu:

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