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New Xbox Dashboard - August 25th!

Chris F

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Excellent. The Voice Chat fom the dashboard is a feature Im looking forward to. I can finally get together with Kelley and Scott and talk website without having to load a damn game! (no long distance fees apply!:))


The ability to invite friends to game FROM the dashboard is also a great feature. The only last thing I really want here is clan support. Clan support would make Live truly complete.

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XBOX Live Web / My Live now coming on the 25th!




Microsoft has announced that Live Web will be available on August 25. The Web-based feature will let users monitor different facets of Xbox Live through a Web page. Users will be able to view their friends list to see which friends are playing online, and they will also be able to view stats and scoreboards. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon will be one of the first games to support the feature, allowing users to view their ranking through the Web. Microsoft said it plans to also hold a number of special events through Live Web.


http://www.xbox.com/LIVE/ has an update about it also.


Personally, I'm more excited about this than the dashboard updates.

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More on Live Now:




Microsoft announces new functionality and subscription options for its Xbox Live online gaming service.


Microsoft has today announced that its Xbox Live online gaming service will boast new "Live Now" functionality come mid-September. With Live Now, players will be able to connect to the Live community every time they turn on their Xbox and chat with friends before playing games. Players will also be able to see which of their friends are online and what they're playing, and check out Xbox Live announcements concerning downloadable content, tournaments, new games, and the like.


Also announced today were the Xbox Live subscription rates that will be available for new and existing users in September. The details are as follows:


$49.99 - Xbox Live one year renewal/subscription.

$5.99 - Xbox Live monthly rate.

$29.99 - Xbox Live Voice Communicator.

$69.99 - Xbox Live Starter Kit


The new Xbox Live Starter Kit will include the Communicator headset and a full version of MechAssault.



Nice! Full version of Mech with new kits. Essentially paying 20 dollars for the game. I'm curious if Tetris will continue to be packed in as well. That would be a great 2 game combo.

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Idiots. It's been up, plain as day. What, do you need a guided tour? Fine.




1. Discover the Web. This exciting feature looks like a search function. Luckily for you, search result are so irrelevent you have an opportunity to discover new places on the web.


2. Account integration. That's right, XBL 2.0 now "links" your "email address" to the "web site" and our "spam database"!


3. Live-enabled web. The Live-enabled web allows you to see, via the web, whether Xbox Live is working! It's like magic! At least that's what our HTML guy said it was based on.


4. Magic Eight Ball. Remember how fun your Magic Eight Ball was as a child? So do we! So we updated it (now it looks like a calendar) and provide it gratis here on the new XBL 2.0 web site! Please note that Magic Eight Ball's predictions are for entertainment or humor purposes only.


5. International feature. We've gone international! Users from other countries like Canada, Germany, Oklahoma and Japan (that's ka-ra-oh-kay) can click on this button to see the site conveniently translated into English. Note: By using this link you agree irrevocably that said country belongs to Microsoft, its heirs and assigns.


6. Sorta like fan-fiction. It's sorta like fan-fiction, but it's from us.



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