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New Larger Memory Card coming


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Yeah, I'd heard the horror stories of some sports titles requiring massive mem card swaps during the small mem card days, I thought the 251 had eliminated them all though.


Go figure :). Dunno if I need one of these puppies or not, though data consolidation might be nice.

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Turns out you can't use the SD card adapter for gamesaves. From lik-sang.com:

We have to mention that we hoped the SD Card Adapter would allow us to use standard SD Cards as a replacement of GameCube Memory Cards. A few details of released information (for example the description on Nintendo America's web site) opted for that, and other factors (like the simple logic that Nintendo wouldn't just let the profitable business of Memory Cards go) opted against it. We really hate to be the messenger of such news, but it's confirmed now: Nintendo didn't like the idea and the SD Cards will NOT replace our good old GameCube Memory Card 59 and 251.
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Glad to hear it. I'll be picking one up for sure. I don't really play much in the way of sports games but I'm constantly having to move saved from each of my 251 cards (or erase them all together). One big old card would be great.


PS: Love the Thundercats avatar Htide.

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