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Greatest Videogame Risks that Paid Off

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I was going to make this a poll, but I just didn't think I could come up with the list alone.


Celda was hammered, and ended up a big success. Likewise with Metroid Prime's first-person transformation. The PC world said that Halo belonged on the PC, and now Halo 2 is one of the most anticipated games of all time. What other successes that defied skepticism should be added to the above games?

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My vote goes for Nintendo releasing the original NES at a time when the video game industry was, for the most part, utterly dead. It took either an enormous pair of brass balls or stunning amount of stupidity for them to jump into a market in as bad a shape as that. Maybe a little of both. Obviously, the gamble paid off more than anyone could have imagined.

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Maybe not quite as big as that one, but I think we're all glad that, a year into the project, the Half-Life team decided they didn't like what they had done so far and started over, rather than pressing on with something that wasn't working. Because second time really was a charm.

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