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80s kids


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Talking with a co-worker today about 80s stuff and dredged up some memories of those motorized trucks with the single AA batteries and rubber and foam knobby tires.


After some googling re-discovered that they were Stomper 4x4s





I had a ton of those - they had a distinctive rubber/foam/ozone smell if memory is not tricking me.



Must go to TRU to check out the new ones....

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Man, first Jello Pudding Pops hit the market again, now Stompers.:) Those were an absolute blast!

I even had the Bigfoot (I belive that was made by the same company) That had a working winch and everything.


Now, who remembers the trucks that had claws that came out of the tires any time it ran into an obsticle that it needed to climb over? Can't remember the name right now, but I had a couple of those too.


EDIT: Found a link to these as well: 'The Animal'



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